Top 5 Things to See in Rwanda


Among the many Rwanda treasures, mountain gorillas still stand out best but according to Rwanda travelers, there are many other attractions which follow gorilla trekking including Chimpanzee and Golden monkey trek, mountain climbing and hikes, beach adventures, and culture. Rated as the best gorilla tracking destination in Africa Rwanda‘s other attractions add to different gorilla tracking itineraries ensuring satisfactory tour adventure for every tourist. The country’s attractions start from Kigali the cleanest city in the region and heading out of the city expose to rare outstanding scenic landscape views of hills, mountains lakes ,forests to mention but a few. Many tourists find it easy to explore Rwanda because all its attractions are located close to each other. They enjoy exploring one destination after the other because connectivity is too easy and cheap. The country cares for all travelers’ interests to that no guest to Rwanda fails to get what he or she needs.

Chimpanzee and golden monkey trekking in Rwanda is one of the other most desired adventures by 95% of Rwanda gorilla tracking tourists and most done by primate lovers. Those who love tracking primates visit Nyungwe and volcanoes national park the only Rwanda primate parks where one can find variety of primates in the wild.Nyungwe forest offers exceptional chimpanzee tracking tours as well as golden monkey treks as prime park attractions. The activities are done twice a day, morning and afternoon and starts which a briefing session followed entering the forest to search for the particular primates. The trek takes between 2-3 hours and tourists get a chance to spot other 12 primate species found in Nyungwe forest. In the same park bird watching tourist refer to it as a birders paradise due to the many recorded bird species in the forest. Travellers book their chimpanzee tracking permits at the park headquarters at $100 and same applies for golden monkey treks and other nature walks. If you to track chimps and golden monkeys in Nyungwe, you need a minimum of two days. But if your interest is gorillas and chimpanzees then a minimum of four days can do.

Still hiking mountain Karisimbi in the raised elevation of about 4507m above sea level is another exciting Rwanda adventure which thousands of visitors to Rwanda enjoy and looking at the unique feature of these volcanoes is an exceptional experience as they connect the border of Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda on the western side. The white sumit of karisimbi outshines in the skys of volcanoes confirming the meaning the origin of its name “amasimbi” which means white shell. Other neighboring volcanoes not to miss include Mikeno sited on the north side ,bisoke on the eastern and ,Nyirangongo on the west on the other side of congo. The mountains also added another name to the Rwanda gorillas as mountain gorillas. Climbing mountain karisimbi is hard but rewarding and a minimum of 2 days is required for the hike one for ascending and the other for descending but porters are a must despite the level of fitness you may have because going up is slippery and too steep a situation which make it hard for climbers to take on the journey with luggage.

Above all a visit to Lake Kivu beach in Gisenyi is superb coloured with with cool island views, safe swimming water, lovely sunrise and sunset plus fun water spot activities. Travellers get ample time to chill and soak their foot in water at mid-morning and throughout the afternoon as they wait for lovely sunset views .Drinks and eats are just a call a ways in the hotel restaurants and bars so one can’t be thirty or angry. Private dinners can also be organized for two a special arrangement one can place in at the time of booking at your hotel of residence. Serena Lake Kivu is an exclusive luxury lodge with confortable beddings and services, give it a try during your stay.



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