Planning a Gorilla Safari Adventure


When one is looking for a one of a kind adventure experience in African, the first priority should be a taking a gorilla safari adventure. Gorillas are great apes that are one of the four closest living relatives of man. They are found in the tropical rain forest region of Africa. There are different kinds of gorillas that is; the eastern lowland gorillas that live in Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda, the western lowland gorillas inhabit Cameroon, Gabon, DRC, Central African Republic and Nigeria and then the mountain gorillas live on the borders of Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda borders within the Virunga mountain region and Bwindi Impenetrable forests in Uganda.

Many tourists around the world have taken up gorilla treks because these creatures are so special in the way they behave as they have almost 98 percentage of human like brain. So this makes many people’s mind wonder what these creatures are that almost do behave like us. Then they are enticed to come and visit the gorillas. There are many things required if one is willing to take up a gorilla tour as one has to get hold of a gorilla permit that is got from a wildlife authority in the country you going to trek the gorillas. The permit normally cost USD 750 in Rwanda and USD 600 in Uganda.

Before you go for trekking you are briefed about the gorillas as this makes you, get fired up to see the gorillas and you are also advised on specialized gear to be used during the trek which include walking boots, walking sticks and many more tools required for trekking. It is a really breathing taking moment as one has to move around the forests looking for these herbivorous huge animals. While you are tracking the gorillas you will also be able to see other animals like birds, monkeys and lots of tree species as the guide gives the narration of that wildlife.

Gorillas are tracked by following their footprints. It takes about 3-6 hours for a gorilla trekking activity. The gorillas are normally found in a group of 6-10 and which is normally led by the silverback male gorilla. As you reach the gorillas you will keep your voices low and the cameras should have no flash because gorillas are such shy animals. You will be able to take pictures with them, watch them play, interact and feed. You can only be allowed to be with gorillas for only one hour. It is such a pleasure hanging around with them because you can’t get enough of them.

In most cases gorilla tours are normally supplemented with viewing or trekking some other animals like the chimpanzees, golden monkeys. One can also opt to take a village walk to see and interact with the local people who live near the gorilla. The local people can also give some very good entertainment with the cultural dances. You can also do some cultural shopping like buying crafts that act as souvenirs for the gorilla tour adventure. Not forgetting you can also enjoy classic accommodation which offers comfortable bedding, nice cuisines, free Wi-Fi and many more services while on a gorilla tour and these make your adventure more enjoyable and epic.

All in all a gorilla tour adventure is a once in a lifetime experience and a worth of remembrance and storytelling for your family and friends. If you have not yet taken a gorilla tour adventure, you should hurry and take it because these huge primates are endangered thus almost getting extinct.


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