Perfect Destinations for Summer Holidays in Asia


Summer is nearly approaching and I believe that most of you guys are planning for an extravagant vacation. Thinking of all the summer destinations around the world, it is really hard to decide whether which of them is better. Asia has so many wonderful places to offer and they will surely give you a highly satisfying summer vacation. As an avid traveler myself, what are those things or “qualifications” do I need to come up with an ideal summer destination.

  1. Far from the City

You are about to spend your vacation to free yourself from stress brought by your work and your daily routine, so why not keep yourself away from the city even just for a short period of time. Embrace those lovely and refreshing scenery and choose a place where you can relax completely.

  1. Gorgeous Beaches

It’s Summer and if there is one thing that is always wired to this season, it is mostly the beaches. It is so nice to pamper yourself in a clear blue water and white and fine sand. Imagine yourself lying on the sand, embracing the heat from the sun and enjoying the fascinating view of the place.

  1. Satisfying Hotel Accommodations and State of the Art Facilities

I take this as one of my major priorities. Being on a gorgeous place is useless if you know for the fact that the hotel that you will be staying will keep you up til night because of its unsatisfying accommodation and facility. It doesn’t have to be luxury and I wouldn’t mind staying in some budget hotels as long as the place is fulfilling but of course, if you really want a pleasing treatment, then you might want to consider those luxury hotels. After all, it is truly worth it.

I did some research last night, searching for some commendable summer destination and I find the Ohau Island most fascinating. First of all, it is an island and we know for the fact that it is surrounded by seas. Oahu is the home of one of the most famous beaches which is the Waikiki. Aston Pacific Monarch is one of the most engaging hotels that you can book with. It is just three blocks away from the Waikiki Beach and the accommodations will absolutely meet all your expectations. The Kahala Hotel Resort, on the other hand is another inviting hotel to stay with. It is near the Kahala Beach and is quite near to Honolulu. Knowing all these impressive features, makes me more eager to visit Hawaii!


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