Exploring Wonders of Kyoto


A friend of mine shared this picture on Facebook. It was actually one of the stunning shots she had during her luxurious trip in Nagasaki Japan. Japan has always been a dream place for me and I always consider it on top of my list. However, apart from Nagasaki, I would like to visit Kyoto Japan the most. I remember myself browsing the web , looking for some great places in Kyoto and I just found not just one but an overwhelming amount of places to visit. Kyoto is among the greatest places in Japan and it has a lot of things to offer. Kyoto is the home of various ancient Japanese temples which are known for their solemn appearance and gorgeous interiors. In of the most famous temples in Kyoto is the stunning pagoda od To-ji.

The popular Kiyomizu – Dera is also a great place to visit if you hit Kyoto especially during autumn where trees are blossoming with red flowers. If you are not into those historical landmarks, then you might want to hit the enormous Kyoto Tower, a state of the arm infrastructure. The tower is interestingly standing on top of a building which houses a three star hotel. Speaking of which, I believe that Aranvert Hotel Kyoto is by far the best and most practical place to book in. It is located in the busy street of Gojo. It offers a nice accommodations, a highly satisfying ambiance, and  highly affordable deals. It is generally the most ideal hotel you can stay in during your Kyoto trip.

Aside from the places to explore, if there is one thing that you should not miss when you hit Japan, it is definitely their foods. Japanese food are very distinctive. In addition to that, Kyoto is also known for their festivals including the popular Gion Festival which is  being celebrated annually. It features massive parades and everybody is encouraged to wear their traditional dresses. Isn’t fascinating. Kyoto is indeed a wonder.


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