Learning Lessons from the Gorillas


If you have not been on a Rwanda gorilla safari then you must be depriving yourself from something really marvelous adventurous what to say. People don’t necessarily come for gorilla safaris to relax and have fun but also come to consensus that man can live without destroying nature to make a great ecosystem. For all these years there has been a notion that there is stiff competition between mankind and nature for settlement. Albeit mankind has been exploiting nature for resources and settlement, this is being erased from mankind’s mind slowly.

When you visit the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat Virunga region you will get to know that nature can exist with humans and they can live harmoniously. In such a way that you are educated that man can’t survive without nature and nature can’t exist without man. Mankind has been enticed to come and visit animals and nature in their original form. Visiting the mountain gorillas in Rwanda is one way of how man can appreciate nature. One can get to that man has close relatives that is animals that act like him when doing certain thing in their lives. You will get to know how God gifted man with the environment he put around him which is interesting to watch and nice to hang out with.

The gorilla trekker also learns that they are animals that well organized family set like man. The mountain gorilla always live in a family, one can hardly find a gorilla living on its own. They are always in a family which comprises of mother, father, relatives to the adult gorillas and the young ones.

You will get to know that there are animals out there that need our help for their existence as the gorillas are endangered species that need intensive care in order to protect them from other people who want to take advantage of them.

The myth of gorillas being beasts is erased from your mind as one get to know that gorillas are herbivorous animals that feed on wild vegetables and on occasion small vertebrates. They are also very peaceful and shy animals that cannot endanger human life at all. Actually gorillas are the only animals on can watch in a very relaxed and serene way.

Come to Rwanda and learn more about these amazing animals and join a campaign of saving them from getting extinct so that they do not become history to our children.


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